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......what the


this shit ass

Show post...

f*ck, lgtbq is the worst thing in the universe, delete this sh*t now


exuse you?!?!?!?!?!?!?


I'm disappointed in the creator. I liked the squares vs circles but wtf is this shit.

you definitely didn't understand what squares vs circles was about

I did and it’s a mostly about how social media and news control people opinions as well as people spreading hate instead of love. I also think it’s about racism more, not about love. Bold of you to assume that the fact that I dislike some other authors game means that I understand nothing about authors other game


Understanding something on only an extremely superficial level isn't something to be proud of bud


I Hate The Gays


I Will Use Magic To Make Your Family Gay


yassss all the gayssss

peter griffith

Homer Simpson


homo simpson lul

marry me


nice songs^^


can somebody remember me to install this file im on mobile rn lol



install the file <3


fuck shit thanks




that was very entertaining tbh, and a little hot ngl. thankyou


i liked your games... i have a plan to remove this anger, so... this is my plan on september 11, 2001 i will have four coordinated suicide terrorist attacks carried out by the militant Islamist extremist network sizzlefly against the United States on September 11, 2001. in the morning, nineteen terrorists will hijack four commercial airliners scheduled to travel from the East Coast to California. The hijackers will crash the first two planes into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, and the third into the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia near Washington, D.C. The fourth plane could similarly be intended to hit a federal government building in D.C., but might crash in a field following a passenger revolt. I think the attacks will kill nearly 3,000 people and could also instigate the global war on terror.


skill issue


gotta admit the people in the twin towers are gonna have a serious skill issue


wtf ru crashing a plane there or what




How'd you not understand the joke? lol




Duude, you kept turning your mics on and now all the airlines know something is up, skill issue

wow...making jokes abt that

what is this game-

(no actually what is this game)


better than illmatic


you have such a cool unique voice - loved this little collection




dude if you don't have nothing nice to say than just don't fucking comment...

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shut your dumbass up




bro wtf?

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I'm a cute pan nerd (scratch that, CUTE LESBIAN NERD WOOOOOOOO) :D




bruh if you don't like what cool being that they have become than dont fucking reply like no one asked jeeze..

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your the reason why shampoos has instructions stupid ass


Funny coming from you, learn proper grammar💀




get ur dumb ass off itch and go outside






im a cute gay nerd.


me too but im bi. so im actually a cute bi nerd.


yassirrrrr ❤


fucking kill yourself


whAT did you just SAY??

Deleted 1 year ago

Megalobutts is a masterpiece

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This is better than Twin Fantasy


Adding Dumpster Diving to my "songs I wanna use in videos" pile. :D


I love the random cat dood in the cover art. lol


i feel like you could put these songs in a story. I wonder what it could be?


haha, im actually so fond of these song lol


y e s



Deleted 1 year ago

im going slay Ur ass u  fucking autism kid

right back at you


shut ur bitchass up retard


i hate yall gen z alphas niggas dumb as fuck 


yall made everything a joke goofyass kid with x's as his name xbox player goofyass


and you think its okay to make fun of people like that?


and its okay for gay people to make jokes of religions ?


R.I.P Peter Gresser.





oh no wonder im straight


damn straight i'm straight

Kinda strange... I thought this would straight up make me gay... Tho I'm still straight.






it could be both?


damn im straight

gay - homosexual (actual), Happy (archaism)


it's rock

I didn't mentally prepare for THAT song

i like it


ayOO swag


This made me happy

Wonderful and based. Thanks for all the learning  and good joyful fun-having you bring into the world!


we need a full version of MEGALOBUTTS!!!  TT___TT  can't wait to try this out as a morning alarm (or maybe ringtone)!




femboy hooters


Best thing on itch


The study then videogames hits different.


Great job! Really love it Nicky!

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